Department of the Uzbek language and literature

The department of Uzbek philology at KSU was reorganized in 1994 as part of Karakalpak philology to train specialists in this area. This year, students were admitted to the direction of Uzbek philology. Senior lecturers in general areas and specialties were taught to students: A. Madaminov and H. Abdullaev. The faculty was joined in 1995 by F. Babadzhonov, in 1996 by N. Yangibaev and in the same year the department of “Uzbek philology” was organized. In 1997, Associate Professor F. Salayev, I. Kurbanbaev, Z. Kabulova, in 1998 K. Kadyrov and Z. Baltaev, in 1999 S. Abdullayev and A. Duisenbaev.
In 2002 R. Madaminova, I. Kazakov, M. Kurbaniyazov, M. Atanyazov, in 2006 M. Babadzhonov, in 2008 A. Yusupov, in 2012 H. Tolybaev, N. Klychev, in 2016 M. Sadullayev , in 2017 L.Tazhibaeva, U. Berdibayev, G.Atazhanov. In 1996, the Department of Uzbek Philology was organized. One of the first leaders was A. Madaminov. In 2001, the head of the department was F. Salayev. In January 2013, the Department of Uzbek Philology was divided into the Department of Uzbek Language Knowledge and the Department of Uzbek Language and Literature. In September 2005, these departments were merged into the department of “Uzbek philology” and head. chair appointed F. Babadzhonov.

From July 8, 2008, the department was headed by Kh. Abdullaev, from 2011 F. Babadzhanov. In 2015, the department of “Uzbek philology” was divided into the department of “Uzbek linguistics” and the department of “Uzbek language and literature.” Currently, the department of linguistics is headed by I. Kazakov and the department of the Uzbek language and literature I. Kurbanbaev. The department of the Uzbek language and literature on the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel is working together with many research institutes and universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, especially give great results communication established with the Institute of Language and Literature. A. Navoi (Institute of Uzbek language, literature and folklore at the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan).

In 1999-2002, the teacher of the department I. Kurbanbaev, in 2001-2004 O. Duissenbaev was awarded the degree of Candidate of Philological Sciences, being engaged in postgraduate studies at this institute. Until now, the department has published 5 monographs, more than 20 teaching aids and 400 scientific articles. Of these, scientific articles Assoc. I.Kurbanbaeva, Ph.D. Gulnara Avezova, Art. M. Kurbaniyazova, M. Ataniyazova, R. Madaminova, N. Yangibayeva, H. Tulibaeva, L. Tazhibayeva were published in scientific journals of Russia, Macedonia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Currently, the department has 18 professors, teachers, among them five candidates of science, associate professors.

Teachers who have a degree


Ph.D., assoc.professor Kurbanbayev Ilhambek Aminbayevich was born on September 20 in 1974 in the city of Nukus. He graduated from NSPI in 1996. In 1996, he worked at KSU with a degree in “Teacher of the Uzbek Language and Literature.” In 2005, he defended his thesis on “Imagery of Uzbek lyrics in the 90th year.” He published over 100 scientific papers. there are 2 textbooks in them. Since 2016, they are in charge of the department.

Ph.D., assoc.professor Duysenbayev Olimjon Ismailovich. He was born on February 13 in 1978 in the Amudarinsky district. In 1996 he graduated from Berdakh KSU. Since 1999, KSU has been working in the specialty “Teacher of the Uzbek Language of Literature”. In 2011, he defended his thesis on the topic “Review of the mother in the works of Utkir Hashimov.” More than 30 scientific papers were published. From 2015 to 2016, he headed the department of “Uzbek language and literature”. From 2016 to 2017 he worked as the head of the educational and methodical department. From 2017-2018 he worked as head of the department of control on the quality of education.

Fayzullo Salayevich Salaev Ph.D., associate professor was born in 1950 on April 1 in the Khorezm region. Gurlansky District. In 1978, he graduated from Tashkent State University. In 1997, he worked as a KSU named after Berdakh, a journalist.In 1994 he defended his thesis on the topic “Problems of the relationship between man and nature in modern Uzbek science fiction”; he has more than 50 scientific works, 1 monograph, 3 textbooks. In 2001, he worked as an associate professor.

Ph.D., assoc.professor Khamro Dauletbayevich Abdullaev was born in 1971 on April 26 in the Khodjeli district. In 1993 he graduated from NGPI.S 1994, he works at KSU special. “Teacher of the Uzbek language and literature”.

In 2005, he defended his thesis on the topic “The place and artistic and aesthetic function of folk sayings in the poetics of Kutadgu Bilig.” He published more than 50 scientific works. 1 monograph, 4 textbooks. From 2011 to 2018 he worked as a dean of the Faculty of Uzbek Philology.


PhD Avezova Gulnara Samandarovna was born in Amudarinsky district on October 10, 1962. She graduated from Tashkent State University in 1984. Since 1997 she has been working at KSU special journalism. In 2012 she defended her thesis on the topic “The place of composition of the novel in the artistic whole” has more than 40 scientific works, 1 monograph, 1 study guide. Since 1992, the senior lecturer of the department.

And such teachers also work: M.Kurbaniyazov, M.Ataniyazov, N.Yangiboeva, Z.Kabulova, R.Madaminova, Z.Baltaeva, A.Yusupov, M.Sadullaeva, H.Tuliboev, M.Sadullaeva, U. Berdibayev, L.Tazhibaeva, G.Atazhanov.